Thursday, September 29, 2011

i'm a wantoholic

My name is Bethany and I am a wanna-be shopoholic.

It's true. I spend a lot of time "window" shopping online and, while I've been known to impulse buy when I find a good deal, most of the time I'm just making mental notes of what my closet would look like if I had an abundence of Benjamins. Or just like...two Benjamins!

My dream closet would be full of Anthropologie clothes! But since I can't afford to shop there, I've discovered an alternative. (confession- I'm tempted not to share this with you so that you won't go buy up all the cute clothes in my size, but I haven't actually bought anything - it's still a little out of my price range - so someone might as well be wearing it!)

Behind The Dressing Room Door: The Antro Exchange

It's basically like eBay but with Anthropologie clothes! Users sell their gently used Anthro clothes at a discounted price so that poor college girls with tiny budgets like me can still look fabulous! Here are a few of my recently posted favs--
 I looooooove these skirts! They're so feminine and flowy! Plus A-line is flattering on everyone! They would be great for pretty much any occasion and could be worn with tights when it gets cold! I want them.

That's the sweetest little dress I've ever seen. I need it.
How cute is this? Very! I love the skirty detail at the bottom and the happy little flowers! I want that too.

I could probably show you 30+ things but I won't waste you time. I'm such a wantoholic! I need to stop looking now so that I don't spend all our money right this second! BYE!

Ps. On a completely unrealted note, my birthday is October 12th. That's in two weeks.
Pps. Yeah, that information isn't completely unrelated. It was placed there on purpose.

Friday, September 23, 2011

does that make me bad?

I love taking pictures of Lucy while she's having a fit! At the time it's just really loud, but the fit is over soon and the pictures crack me up! She gets upset over the silliest things (ex. not being allowed to eat plant dirt/dog food/cat litter) and that makes the pictures even funnier! She's just so mad!

And she turns beet red every. single. time! Oh it's just so funny! But if you think I'm a total jerk for snaping pictures while Lucy is so obviously distraught, take a peek of her hamming it up for the camera

(taken seconds after her meltdown above)

Princess Lucy! Sweet girl wore that crown for the rest of the afternoon!..that is until she remembered it was up there and thought it would be put to better use as a chew toy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

attack of the clumsies

Yup, that's me! I am in a world of awkward pain right now because I got mugged by my clumsiness Friday!

If you've known me for any length of time you know that I am not the most graceful person God ever made. Far from it actually. I can fall of anything almost anywhere, even if it seems impossible. Have you ever fallen out of a passenger seat while buckled? Exactly. Klutzy Bethany started to disappear after I had been cheering for a few years. The new muscle was doing some serious good to my coordination! I wasn't exactly normal, but it was pretty close!

Now that I haven't been cheering--I can't believe it's been three years!--my clumsiness has started slowly creeping back up. I drop more, I stumble more, but no big deal. Until Friday, when I had two of the most epic falls of my life!

Epic Spill Number 1
Syd and I had walked all the way to Hooligan's and back for lunch so I was running a little behind to pick the kids up and I decided to rush to the Crimson Ride to make it to my car faster. As I jumped, or tried to jump, over the barrier my foot caught on the chain and my body slammed face-first into the sidewalk! SMACK! I fell with a lot of momentum so my feet came over my head behind me, causing my backpack to go over my head and trap me! I had to roll out from under it! I would've busted my face but I happened to be wearing a hat and the bill hit first! Hooray for hats! 
The bus drove off without me, I scraped my knee (it bled all down my leg), crushed my to-go cup, and of course there were a TON of people around! Nothing was really but my pride and Sydney was laughing so hard, I couldn't even be embarrassed! Instead, I was that weird kid giggling to myself on the walk back to my car.

Epic Spill Number 2
At work later I'd cleaned up my knee and put the babies down for a nap before 2:45 when I meet Rylee at the bus stop at the end of the street. Since I didn't have to push stroller, I decided to be an awesome babysitter and bring Ry her scooter to ride home. About halfway to the stop I think,

"Hey! It would be faster and way more fun if I rode her scooter down there!"

Bad, bad idea. (1) I haven't ridden I scooter in about 8 years and (2) this is a child's toy. It's itty-bitty! But that doesn't cross my mind as I hop on and go speeding down the street because I am way too cool to worry. I forgot how much hill effect scooter speed and started going too fast. The wheels started wobbling and I knew I was going to crash, but I'm too awesome to crash so, forgetting about the break, I casually jump off the speeding death-trap and run beside it. Scooter is going too fast, I run slow, my legs lose it, scooter falls and I good sliding across the pavement and roll to the sidewalk!

I don't know how many of you have ever slid across hot asphalt with your bear skin, but I DO NOT recommend it! Oh it hurt so bad! It's like a crazy painful carpet burn. There is now no skin on my left elbow, a huge scab on my left knee, and a fierce burn on my hip. I can't wear bandages because it sticks to the skin. If I bend too far they all rip open and I can't breathe. It is super hard to wash my hair and wear anything on my lower half but undies. 

I'm just sooo glad I had that hat on.

How's your week going?
Are you clumsy like me?
If so, please please please tell me about your biggest wipe out! 

the mysterious case of the stank

With my car, Eunice, there is never a dull moment. This year alone she been hit by a trailer hitch (it wasn't my fault this time believe it or not!), been rear-ended, popped a tire, annnnd bent an axel! But that's all before the arctic downpour! 

Tuesday morning I get in my car and a rancid, sicky-sweet smell nearly knocks me down! It's grossing me out just thinking about it! I couldn't figure out what it was! The girls have spilt ice cream in the car before and Lucy has gotten sick on the seats and there's always milk dripping from someone's cup, but I had cleaned all that up! My headliner leaked and water had gotten in the car, maybe the dampness caused all the old smells to stink back up? 

So I'm driving around with ALL my windows down and my head out to breathe for about four days and the smell still won't go away! UGH! It was awful!! I get in Thursday morning after class and can't see out of my rearview because the liner on the sunroof has come off and is hanging down the middle of the car like a big, nasty divider! The foamy stuff is flying out everywhere! It got all in my Pumpkin Spice latte...ewe. I took Eunice to my parents so that maybe they could figure it out. 

Mom, Tom, and I dug all through the car cleaning everything when mom pulled down the back seats... and there they were. All wet and smelly and sticky. BLUH! A ton of mini marshmallows in the very back of my trunk soaked from the rain and spoiling! I don't know how they even got back there?!? I don't eat marshmallows unless we're camping and then I eat them all. Who know marshmallows could go bad? Or that they let off such a terrible, terrible smell?!

We scraped the mallows out of my trunk and Resolved and Fabreezed it until it smelled like a happy hillside! It still stinks a little but nothing like before. Thank Jesus! 

Have you ever smelt a smelly smell in your house or car and didn't know where it came from?
Did you figure it out or did it just go away?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Lazies

Happy Tuesday after Labor Day everyone!

How was your long weekend?
Did you make it through Noah's rainstorm?

Tom and I had a great, busy labor day! Friday night we went to Workplay theatre with Sydney, Mary Ann, and Rachel to see Dave Barnes!!! For those of you who don't know, he's the genius and original artist of God Gave Me You. Blake Shelton is ight but Dave is the stuff!
See what I mean? Can't be touched!

Saturday we all went to the Alabama v. Kent State game! Funny story: After I've paid $55 to get a student guest ticket for Tom so he can go with me, we get up early, dress in our game day attire, park a million miles away, and walk to the stadium only to discover that the Kent State game was not in my package and we had to buy a second ticket to a game that we probably wouldn't have gone to had we known. Roll tide.
But it's okay because we had a really good time with our friends! The excitement of game day was totally worth it! And I have to say I was very pleased with the courtesy our fans showed to the Kent State players! Roll tide!

Sunday we went to church, made tacos (my first time ever! thought they were purdy good) until I had to go babysit. As I was on my way there I got a message telling me not to worry about it! YAY! So we had an Office marathon! We love the Office! Hardcore Parkour!
That is Tom favorite Office moment and hearing him laugh so hard at it cracks me up!

Monday we had originally planned to go to Six Flags, but we had to cancel because of the rain and the heart  meds Tom is on right now. Instead, we caught a bad case of the Labor Day Lazies, so it made for a great day to sleep in, eat spaghetti, clean, and do mountains of homework! Personally, I'd have rather read Jane Eyre, but UA is funny about homework; they actually want you to learn something. Go figure! We lazed around in sweats all day and never even left the house. It was a good day :)

Oh and a funny tweet I read about today's weather:
"If I'm not breaking a sweat on the way to class, I'm trudging through an artic downpour...#alabama"    -Sam Light
So true! Thanks for the laughs Sam! I was not aware that it was cold when I left my house in shorts and a tank. Did anybody else have this predicament? Or were you a smarty who dressed appropriately?

Happy Short Week!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

college thus far...

I have been at UA for two weeks now and I really like college! I love that I only have to go to a class three times a week at the most. I love that I'm done before noon every day, some days before 10! I love walking to class! Even though my walk is loooooooong it's nice to be outside!

I've learned that, for the most part, high school prepared me for college, but there are a few things no one mentioned like...

1. There is a big black cat that hides in the bushes outside of Morgan and it will attack you.

2. There is no rule against massive amounts of cleavage, even if there should be!

3. You will spend almost $200 worth of sixteen-digit access codes.

4. You actually have to read your text books. Totally never did that...probably why I sucked it up in AP Economics

5. Get On Board day is so much fun and gives you a ton of free stuff! Even if you don't actually sign up! I have three Taco Casa free taco coupons now! Go me!

and finally...
6. there is the occasional Medieval duel (I can't figure out why it's so blurry!)

I'm having a lot of fun and I can't wait until kick-off Saturday! RTR!

a kinder rivalry

I'm sure a lot of you have already heard, but the Kent State football team has spent their week before kick-off rebuilding our broken city. How kind of them! They could be practicing, resting up, studying plays; but instead these guys are out in the hot sun hamering away!

I have so much respect for all the people who have gone over and above to help out all those still struggling from the April tornados. I'm overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of others. I pray that God truly, richly bless every one of them!

Although I'll be rooting for Bama on Saturday, I will whole-heartedly appauld Kent Start for their selfless commitment to help a rival.

Roll Tide!

*photo from here. click link for whole story