Thursday, July 19, 2012

boxes, boxes everywhere

That's all I've been seeing for days. But it's finally over! For now anyway. I've only moved once before and I hated it because living out of boxes totally stinks. And we've acquired so much stuff in the past year! The whole time we're packing I'm asking myself questions: How have I been storing it all? Where did it come from? What is that for? How is this all going fit into the apartment? You never realize how much junk you have until it has to be pulled out and stuffed in a truck.

But four days and four hundred boxes later we are halfway to our final destination! We officially no longer reside at 12 Springbrook! Huzzah! We're now (rather lamely) living with my parents for the next three weeks (yes, it's weird) until our new apartment is ready to be moved in to. So then we'll do it all again. I'm hoping to stay in the apartment longer than we stayed in the house. Moving totally stinks!

Now, don't think I'm not excited to be moving because I totally am! I cannot wait to be in our new home meeting new neighbors, decorating, chillaxing by the pool (that's right, there's a pool!), I just don't like the act of moving. Its sweaty work! Especially in July. In Alabama. Phew! Tommy and his friends did way more heavy lifting than I did so mega props to those guys! You go guys!

We'll be packing up and moving to our more permeant new home August 13th so if you're feeling generous and want to help us out, DO NOT FIGHT THAT URGE! Until then keep us in your prayers as we tie up the loose ends of leaving 12 Springbrook and I hope you have an awesome week because you are awesome! Catch ya on the flip side, bloggers!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy America Day, y'all!

"Read somewheres that the human body is 75 percent water. Not me, y'all. I'm 75 percent sweet tea, 100 percent Merican."
Every year on the 4th of July my granny wants the whole family to dress in red, white, and blue and take a great big family photo. But every year no one knows about it until we get there so it's always a huge disaster. This year my brilliant mother came up with a great idea to raise enthusiasm and make granny happy and that wonderful idea's name is Redneck Showdown! The idea is to be as patriotic and tacky as possible! You have to wear your costume all day for flag football, tug-of-war, and eating yourself silly. At the end of the day everyone votes for someone besides themselves and the winner gets a trophy! We're all super excited! Especially Tommy and I because there's not much we love better than dressing up in costume!

This year we aren't able to fully participate because we are going to the beach with the rest of the Snows (we haven't yet mastered sharing family time) so we have to send in our photo submission. We can vote, but we can't win. Honorable mention by photo submission. But they better watch out next year! Even Jack the Dog will be bringing his A-game! I am so looking forward to sharing this new tradition every year with my family!

Momma and Poppa Snow are here now to pick us up for beach fun so I've got to run! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July! USA USA USA!