Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Friend Date

I love my best friend! 
Today we went on a pretty scenic hike at Lake Nichol

We talked, climbed on the rocks, tossed pebbles, and dreamed of summer (thoughts fueled by the muggy 78 degrees) as we hiked all the trails that ran near the lake. It was so nice to spend a day with my BFF without any distractions.

We've got crazy eyes!
Afterwards we celebrated by eating lots of cheese and salsa at Lupe's, where gift cards are "abailible"
Thanks for inviting me out, Syd! It was sooooo fuuuuun! Love you!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Speaking My Language

Recently Husband and I took Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages quiz. It asked us each a series of 30 question with two possible responses and ranked the personal importance of five acts of love based on our answers. It may seem super cheeseball (actually, the more I type the cheesier it sounds), but even in just the past week it has made a difference in our closeness and understanding of one another. How awesome is that?!? After seven years together I am still learning about my husband and better ways to love him!

Two of my top-ranked love languages are Quality Time and Acts of Service and, boy, was he speaking my language this weekend!

As a Christmas gift/going-away celebration I was planning to take the girls to see Disney's Frozen and have a sleepover at our apartment. I was going let Husband off the hook and keep the girls by myself, but he chose a day and planned the movie all by himself so that we could be together. He offered to spend his Friday night with three hyped up little girls watching cartoons. What other 21-year-old guy would do that? Few, if any. 

(She's a lazy sloth)
 Not only did he make his grand gesture of self-sacrifice, but he bought me a Christmas tree! We're moving next month and had decided that it would be easier to skip out on a tree and decorations this year. It made me sad, but it made sense. Well, Friday afternoon I pulled up to our building just in time to see Husband sprinting across the parking lot with a little tree over his shoulder. I was so surprised! He had spent the entire day cleaning our apartment and finding a little tree. It was perfect. He loves me so good.

I love this picture of Lucy. When we finished decorating, all of the sparkly green ornaments were in one group at 3-year-old eye level. HA!
While it was very selfless of Husband to spend his weekend babysitting with me, I think he enjoyed the cinnamon rolls and sweet snuggles he was getting.

Married for 99 years or footloose and fancy free, it's important to know how you need to be loved. You can take Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages Quiz here.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy AllOfTheHolidays!

Whaddup, m'nerds! 
(Do you remember when Todd Packer said that on the Office? One time I had word vomit and I said it at the beginning of a speech for class. Wrong place, wrong time.) 

The Holiday season is in full swing and the Christmas music I've been blasting since October is finally appropriate! Some people have a fit about Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but it's not my fault there are no good other holiday songs!
Or so I thought. 

Cue Jimmy Fallon and friends: 

Happy Everything!