Sunday, October 23, 2011

cone of shame

Poor Jack has had a rough weekend.

Friday we dropped him off at the vet for a bath, all his rabies shots, and the Big Snip. I've never had a male that had to be fixed so I didn't realize how pitiful he would look when he came back! It breaks my heart! But since he his puppy puberty he's been humping everything! So really we had no chioce.

The vet caught him pulling at his stitches and they put him in the Cone of Shame. He hates it and he looks ridiculous! It's so sad but I can't help laughing when he knocks things over or gets caught on corners! Sometimes when he plays he drops his toys in it and can't get them out! We had to put duct tape around the edge because he kept ramming into our legs a scraping us up!

Tom has no compassion and has been making super cheesy jokes such as,
"How many channels do you get on that dish?"    and
"I hope he knows not to look up during a rainstorm!"

Jack has to wear the cone for eight more days. God help us all!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

i love me some Dwight K. Schrute!

Tom and I love The Office. Actually, love isn't a strong enough word. Let me put it this way: this year alone we have gone through all seven season three times. Yeah. Some might call that sad, but I like to refer to it as ultimate fan-dom.
Anyway I almost fell out of my chair today when I got this email from Tommy:

 Just wanted to let you know you are awesome :) 
    Love, your hubby
   Ps. watch the video!

birthdays make me feel awesome!

I'm Officially Nineteen!
as of last wednesday.

Thanks to Facebook you probably already know that my birthday has come and gone. And it was great! We've been so busy with school that I didn't really expect much in the way of celebration, which was fine because I feel like I've been way over blessed this year. But Wednesday when I got home from work Tommy said "Get dressed because I'm taking the birthday girl out!" Yay! Every girl likes a big fuss over her birthday, even if she says she doesn't. He took me to Bentos for dinner and I got to wear one of the super cute Forever 21 skirts that Sydney got me! When we got home he surprised me with a handmade card (made my heart melt!), chocolate covered strawberries and almonds, and a turquiose Patagonia pullover! How sweet is he?!? I have the best hubby ever!

Thursday night we ate a special dinner at my parent's house! Mom made all my favorites: garlic brussel sprouts, yellow rice, and asiago lemon chicken. Mmmmmmmmm... now my mouth is watering again! For dessert we had something new from Pintrest called the Hefty Hubby and lemme just tell you, too much of that and you will be hefty! Its a layer of cookie dough, a layer of Oreos, and a layer of brownie batter. Baked to perfection and served with ice cream. It. Was. So. Good!

Mom also made cute party decorations! A cutesy bunting banner and my totally awesome princess birthday hat! It made me feel like I was in a Disney movie! I love my family :) I know that's the most obvious statement ever, but I really do! I think they're the greatest!
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It was so special!

**above: I'm not purposely smiling like a goober, I was in the middle of the Tangled song when mom snapped my picture!

jewelry and cupcakes

Sunday Sydney and I co-hosted a Stella&Dot trunk show! Our stylist, Jesse Sartain, made everything worry-free and super fun! All I had to do was clean my house (which needed to be done anyway) and prepare snacks!

I haven't known about Stella&Dot for very long, but since I have I've been in love! They have everything from flashy and fun to sweet and danity! Everyone who came found something just right for their own personal syle and we had a great time! It was so nice to see everyone and have time to chat! Jesse showed us funky and sophisticated ways to combine the pieces and get the most out of them. Syd and I ended up with a lot of hostess rewards and we cannot wait to cash them in! I'm using mine on the Ever After necklace and Petra Braided bracelet for sure and I'm still toying with a few other things. There's just so much to choose from!

I've become obsessed with everything pumkpin spice since it dropped below 80 degrees so for our party we decided to break out the fall refreshments! We had decious apple cider and easy pumpkin spice cupcakes with cheese cheese icing. Yummmmmmmy!

All you do is combine one box of Duncan Hines spice cake mix with half a 15 ounce can of pumpkin
Add five minutes to the DH suggested baking time
Top with cream cheese icing an enjoy!

Mom keeps telling me this is a Weight Watchers recipe but they're sooooooo good! I don't think I believe her.

i love festivals!

Last weekend Tommy and I went to the Kentuck Arts Festival with Syd and Lynda!
I love going to Kentuck every year and seeing all the cool art, but Tom had never been so I had to take him!

Let me say, I have always been a volunteer at the festival and got in free so I had no idea what everything cost. It was $10 a ticket to get in (not so bad), but they wanted $15 for a 3-piece chicken finger basket! What?!? And because there were no prices listed, we ordered two! We thought they would be about $5. Nope! Now we know to eat before we come!
Despite unintentionally spending a huge chunk of our money right off the bat, we had a really great day browsing through all the booths and checking out each artists unique style with good friends. I bought a cute little ring made from an old silver teaspoon! We got another cool something I can't tell you about because it's my dad's Christmas present! He is going to love it! Before we left we even got to see Kara's baby sister Anabelle at Justin's tent! I love his mixed media paintings! I'm determined to have them in my grown-up house.

See that stick in Tom's bag? Well he and Lynda decided that some of the "art" looked like something that could be done by a child or picked out of the backyard yet it was priced extreamly high. So they got a stick and Lynda bet Tom $10 that couldn't get someone to ask him where he'd bought such a beautiful "gnarled branch" before we left. We caught several people admiring it but no one said anything! But as were getting off the shuttle at our car I heard a woman whisper to her husband, "He bought himself a little tree! How nice! I wish I'd seen that!"

camping with my famjam!

Hey there long-lost blog friends! I've missed you!
School has been comsuming my life so I had to leave the blogsphere for a little while. But now I don't have anything due until Tuesday! Yay! Time to catch you up on everything going on in The Land of Snow! I have pictures!

Two weeks ago-- October 7-10-- we went on our annual Boatwright family camping trip! This time was extra special because Tom and I got to bring Puppy Jack annnnd the three of us got our own tiny tent!

so pretty!
 homework stops for nothing. thank goodness I didn't need wifi!
"studying" but I don't know what. maybe the inside of his eyelids!
Jack loved playing outside all day with everyone! He also enjoyed eating countless acorns, rocks, and what was left of a dead squirrel. Ewe!
And of course no camping trip is complete without banjo music!
Kind of felt like we were in Deliverence..I kept checking behind me for crazy backwoods people creeping up.

Sydney, Tom's family, and the Calhouns all came to visit and cook out! It was so much fun that I forgot to get any pictures!

Ps. Oct. 7th was Sydney's 19th birthday! We went to Bento's for birthday lunch and it was delish! I love my bff!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

what a crappy morning


This morning has been crappy!
I know, I know. It could be worse. It can always be worse, but I'm just going to take some time a complain anyway.

In English this week we are having 20 minute individual conferences to go over our papers. My appointment was at 8:40 this morning. If we miss our appointment it is the equivalent of being absent twice.

This morning I tried printing my paper off from my Netbook (side note: I will never ever buy another netbook. They do not work like other computers, espcially when you need them to.) and it decides to take to take half an hour to start up! Because I have thirty minutes to waste in the mornings! When It finally does open and let me get the file, the printer starts printing five copies of the wrong paper then freezes before I can get to the right one!

I am suuuupppper mad at this point so I jerk my computer up and drive off to school late. Because I'm late there are no parking spots left in my entire lot and I ended up being the perfectly capable jerk who parked in the handicap space. I justified it by telling myself I would only be parked there for a little while and I never seen any cars in those spaces. Why are they putting handicap spots out that far anyway?!

Then I ran as fast as I could -- I'm not all that fast --  all the way from the Aquatics Center to Gorgus Library. I'm a pretty awkward runner, my arms flail and a makes weird faces, but add a boucing backpack and I look a lot like Captain Jack. When I finally make it to the downstairs Gorgus Cafe at 8:45 I'm sweaty, I'm late, and my shoes are soaked through from the damp grass but I haven't missed the appointment!

There's another girl sitting with my teach so I assume it's the last appointment running long and wait patiently. When nine o'clock comes around and the girl leaves, my teacher looks at me an says
"Oh, I'm sorry. You missed your appointment."
WHAT?! I was HERE! I was a few minutes late, but I was RIGHT HERE! That's what I'm thinking, but all I can say is sorry, over and over again. So I lost half my points and had to reschedule for 12:20 tomorrow when I really should be at work.

Sorry for the long post, but today sucks.
How's your day going? Better I hope!

*Captain Jack from here